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2015 – My Year In Books, Courtesy of Goodreads

For reasons that I’m not entirely sure of, I’ve got into the habit of recording the books I read over the course of a year, and setting targets for them on the website.

In 2014, I vowed to read 15 books, and only just met the target. Go me!

For 2015, having only just made the 2014 total, I went for 15 again, but ended up completing 18. Get in.

This is my year in books.

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How to disable annoying autoplay for Facebook videos

If your Facebook news feed is automatically playing back videos of cats or children doing ‘hilarious’ stuff, and you’d rather not have it distract you, here’s how to disable annoying autoplay for Facebook videos.

This has been vexing me more and more recently, as friends and acquaintances seem to be posting up more and more video content. On a slow internet connection, this can affect page loading times, and on mobile devices it could seriously eat data.

On a laptop or computer;
Click the downward arrow on the menu bar at the top of the page and select Settings.
On the left hand side of the Settings page is a list of options, select ‘Videos’ at the bottom.
Select the ‘Auto-play Videos’  option to ‘Off’. I think the default mode basically means ‘On’, which is very helpful of Facebook.

From now on you shouldn’t see any video clips ‘entertaining’ you as your browse the news feed.

Access Video Settings To Vanquish Auto-play

Access Video Settings To Vanquish Auto-play

On an iPhone or Android device;
On an iPhone, go to Settings and find Facebook.
Tap Settings.
Next, tap on the Autoplay setting and choose either Wi-Fi only or Off so you don’t use a big chunk of your monthly data allotment on Facebook videos. I’d suggest ‘Off’, you can always click to play the clip if you find it enticing enough.
On Android, the auto-play settings are within the Facebook app itself. Under the General Settings, tap on ‘Video Auto-Play’ and set it to Off.

Begone, vexing vids of idiots doing idiotic stuff!

Government to restrict the use of the asterisk in advertising


The new look asterisk will replace all longer, confusing clauses

Government to restrict the use of the asterisk in advertising

The advertising industry is facing widespread upheaval after the government announced plans to force advertisers to use the asterisk more honestly when placing it after headlines and taglines in advertising.

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Ten Reasons Why A Games Console Is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make

Ten Reasons Why A Games Console Is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make

Think of all the entertainment value this stack of old games consoles contains.

Think of all the entertainment value this stack of old games consoles contains.

If you were to buy a new games console every time the next generation of gaming systems was released, you can expect an average of about six years between purchases. At between £300-400/$400-$600 per unit, consoles don’t fall into the impulse buy category very easily, but with several years between releases, the investment is still a good one. It won’t make you money (unless you’re one of these guys), but money isn’t the only thing of value to consider when looking at investments, is it?

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Ten Best Product Adverts On Grand Theft Auto V

Ten Best Product Adverts On Grand Theft Auto V

GTAV's finest beer.

GTAV’s finest beer.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the finest video games ever made, for all sorts of reasons.

If you want to take time off from running all kinds of insane criminal hustles to earn one of the three main characters some cash, there are millions of things to amuse yourself with. Sky diving. Bowling. Hacking.

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How To Cure ‘Malfunction Anxiety’


Get your tools out to help fight malfunction anxiety.


How To Cure ‘Malfunction Anxiety’

If you own Things, those Things will break.

The older you get, the more Things you will own.

They start off small, but they get larger, until ultimately you own the largest Thing you will ever own – a house.  Which is, of course, nothing but an expensive repository for your Things. Every room in your house is full of Things.

Things everywhere.

And when you own Things, the Things break. One minute your phone just works, the next it doesn’t. Your boiler? It heats the house, then it doesn’t. Your car? A rolling collection of stuff waiting to go wrong.

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Jihadi fakes his death and returns from the dead – How life imitated my blog post.

In October 2014, I wrote this blog post – offering up the plot of a film or TV show based around the idea of a jihadi faking his death to return home.

Imagine my shock when I read this news story.

It’s basically exactly the same concept, but this was real life. It looked like life had imitated one of my blog posts.

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Get Hangovers From Excessive Drinking? Blame Your Parents

Alcohol - the cause of your hangover.

Now you have an excuse for your hangover – your parents. Alas, there is no decent cure, though.

Get Hangovers From Excessive Drinking? Blame Your Parents
Research into the affects of alcohol consumption has suggested that hangover tolerance might well be down to an individual’s genetic makeup. According to LiveScience, half of the reason you feel bad (or don’t) is due to the genetics you’ve inherited.

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2014 – My Year In Books, Courtesy of Goodreads

2014 – My Year In Books, courtesy of

How many books do you read in a year? For 2014 I kept track using

Like previous years, I’ve set myself a target number of books to read over a twelve month period, and recorded the progress on This is my year in books.


2014 Goodreads Books

I wrote about last year’s target here. This year I wanted to read at least fifteen books.

In comparison to a lot of people I probably don’t read that much, but my reading time has been curtailed somewhat by having a toddler in the house. I only just about managed to reach the target.

Setting a goal and recording the titles in Goodreads is an interesting exercise as it gives you a chance to look back over what you’ve read in the previous twelve months.

Of the fifteen, ten were fiction books, and five were non-fiction. In total it was six e-books and nine physical books which is the same breakdown of electronic and physical books as last year. Here’s a list of the books and what I thought of them;

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10 Movies I Have Never Seen

Films Movies Scripts

Film Scripts. Among these titles are films I’ve never seen

So many films, so little time. Don’t let articles which list films ‘You Must See’ intimidate you.

Even if you’ve seen a lot of movies, there are always some notable titles which will have passed you by. So on that note, here’s a list of films, in no particular order, which I have never seen.

Some of them might elicit an ‘WTF? How can you NOT have seen it? Everyone has seen that movie…‘ but so what. Let me know if you haven’t seen any of these either. Continue reading

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